The Data Revolution!

Data is omnipresent – in every connection, interaction, and observation. The world is constantly changing;
therefore, a strategic approach to Digital Transformation is crucial.

The Data Economy!

Data plays a significant role in the modern world, yet it is not always understood. As a result, there is an increasing demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions and skills.

To fully utilize the value of data, it is important to have a strong understanding and familiarity with it. Rubiscape is a comprehensive data science platform designed to help organizations improve data agility, data culture, and data trust in order to drive better business outcomes. It offers a fast and efficient way to work with data, making it a popular choice for many forward-thinking enterprises.


Being conversant in ways to extract ‘Value from Data’ is the need of the hour!

Rubiscape Preview

A fast and fluid platform can help you make most of your data assets.

One Data Platform

Make. Measure. Grow
with One Platform Experience-Rubiscape

Democratize data access, elevate data trust, fuel data-driven innovation and decision-making.

Rubiscape® is an award winning and all-in-one Data Science Platform for solving most complex data problems with ease and efficiency.

Many forward-thinking enterprises run Rubiscape for their AI-ML & Business Analytics programs and Innovative Data Apps. 

Rubiscape enables intelligent data-driven decisions through co-creation and continuous innovation.

Make Sense with Rubiscape

Rubiscape is modular by design, and comprehensive in functionality with end-to-end capabilities and toolsets for managing Data Science Life Cycle. Optimize your efforts, spend and overheads in managing multiple systems, users and security layers. Simplicity of Rubiscape lies in our one of its kind single source code platform which offers Customization, Flexibility, Security and Accesibility.

Everything You Need in One Place

Designed for easier and effective Artificial Intelligence, Rubiscape offers integrated toolsets for – Decision Sciences, Data Exploration, Machine Learning, Business Forecasting, Text Mining, Computer Vision, Geospatial Informatics, Cognitive Sciences, Predictive Intelligence, Advanced Visualizations, Blockchain Analytics, IoT, and EDGE Analytics.

Turn Data into Business Value

Rubiscape is a faster, easier, and smarter way for transforming a raw idea to real-world impact.

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