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Future Pricing: Predicting Profitability

Stay ahead of market shifts, optimize margins, and secure success with accurate price forecasting.


  • To predict raw material needs for optimized supply chain and production planning
  • To forecast, plan and schedule production, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.


  • Statistical Analysis​, Time Series Forecasting, Visualization.


  • Reduced inventory costs through accurate raw material predictions.
  • Avoided production delays, minimizing associated expenses.
  • Improved coordination between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Bridging Gaps:Power of Geospatial Matching

Match locations precisely, optimize operations, and gain a deeper understanding of your world with powerful geospatial matching.


  • Implement a geospatial matching algorithm with third-party retailers.
  • Leverage the strategic advantages of location intelligence for business model transformation and optimization.
  • Create a significant and lasting impact on operations.
  • Enhance the value delivered to customers and partners through the initiative.


  • Haversine distance function, Matrix Creation, Comparison, Matching Algorithm.


  • Expanding Market Reach.
  • Optimizing Resource Allocation.
  • Efficient inventory management.
  • Reduced transportation expenses.

No Downtime: Predict Perfect Maintenance

AI foresees future breakdowns, preventing downtime and optimizing equipment lifespan.


  • To predict the status of the water pump at any given time.
  • To forecast the status of the machine beforehand.


  • Statistical Analysis, SMOTE, Predictive Maintenance Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Long short-term memory networks (LSTM), Visualization.


  • Breakdown of water pumps are very expensive and could be fatal ​.
  • Pumps can be stooped in advance to avoid breakdown. ​

Cash Clarity: Mastering the Financial Pulse

Optimize liquidity, minimize risk, and make smarter decisions with data-driven cash flow management.


  • To forecast accurate inflows and outflows amount, enabling effective cash flows.
  • Anticipate cash inflows and outflows, enabling effective liquidity management for the Treasury Management department.


  • Statistical Analysis, Data Modelling, Time Series Forecasting, Visualization.


  • Prescriptive analysis to make informed recommendations and decisions for optimising future outcomes.
  • Organisations can achieve desired goals and objectives using actionable insights and guidance.

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