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We believe that software is the ultimate product of the human creativity and coding. At Rubiscape, we take pride in creating products and solutions that helps people work smarter, enterprises move faster, and lead the way forward.

Data has the power to transform business and improve society. Our aim is to help people learn and use data with confidence by creating a superior user experience while working with a diverse data.

“Data is the new Soil, Cultivate it”

Dr. Prashant Pansare

CEO, Rubiscape

In this era, software writes itself and machines learn.
Our goal is to help you leverage diverse data, by unleashing a new value from it, through co-creation and continuous innovation.
Rubiscape is a multi-persona Data Science & Machine Learning (DSML) platform perfectly blending the Art & Science of Data to help you discover the world of data intelligence and fuel your imagination from Insight to Foresight!

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A team that breathes data

Rubiscape is the result of the ideas and efforts of our experts with decades of experience in helping businesses create value. We strive relentlessly to innovate and accomplish.

Our aim is to transform the way AI is used in the business world, empowering people to make a positive impact on the future.

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Rubiscape® is a multi-persona Data Science & Machine Learning Platform, brings end-to-end capabilities for managing Data Science Life Cycle – Data Engineering, Model Building, Visual Intelligence, Collaboration & Governance.

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