Data Science is no longer a Rocket Science!

Machine Learning; Transformed.

Journey to Data Science Mastery


Data Visualization

Unlock the power of Visual Storytelling
with Rubiscape’s Data Visualization Course

RubiSight: Drag-and-drop tool for Smart, Interactive Dashboards.


Model Design Simplified!

Embark on aTransformative Journey
with Rubiscape’s Data Science Course

RubiStudio:Build, Deploy, and Reuse Models Visually.


Data Orchestration Simplified!

Unlock the power of Workflow Processing
with Rubiscape’s Data Engineering Course

RubiFlow: Drag & Drop Data Wrangling & Analytics Workflows.


Edge Analytics Simplified!

Embark on a Transformative Journey
with Rubiscape’s IoT Analytics Course

RubiThings: Connect & manage IoT Devices, Data, & Applications.

Benefits of Learning with Rubiversity

Why Rubiversity for Your Data Science Learning Journey?

Skill up with Rubiversity, Master the product and Learn Data Science through our different courses.

Unlock your potential with Rubiversity's resources tailored with professionally designed AI-ML Data Science tracks for individual learners. Access to the software tools, cutting-edge courses, insightful content, and a vibrant community included in your subscription to elevate your data and tech skills.

  • Diverse Learning Resources
  • Software Tools
  • AI-ML Simulation Kits
  • Community Engagement
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Personalized Learning Pathways

Rubiscape partners to set up an AI-DS Centre of Excellence to drive innovation agenda and best practices in AI-ML for a data-driven business

  • Expertise and Skill Development
  • Research and Innovation
  • Best Practices and Standards
  • Co-Exist and Co-Create
  • Expertise Hub and Knowledge Sharing
  • Use Case Identification

UA Rubiscape Data Science Lab brings the necessary tools, infrastructure and expertise for AI-ML and other data-driven endeavors

  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Data Collection and Storage
  • Analytics Tools
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Research and Innovation
  • Data Privacy and Ethics

Rubiscape Academia Partners.

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