AI For Youth!

Rubiversity, part of Rubiscape, offers a focused learning platform for AI-ML, Data Science, and IoT Analytics. It's designed to help individuals and businesses become proficient in data science concepts, techniques, tools, and applications.


An official Hackathon of Rubiscape

Rubithon is to foster creativity, innovation, and teamwork. Rubithon provide an opportunity for developers, designers, and other creative individuals to showcase their skills, and solution ideas in AI-ML & Analytics areas.

Rubithon include mentors, workshops, and networking opportunities, making them not only about building projects but also about learning and collaboration.

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Focus and Goals

Elevating Data Conversations to New Heights


Open Data

Work on projects with open data resources, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Industry Challenges

Work on real-world problems, by working on projects tailored to specific industries.

Technology Exploration

Explore tool, techniques, and platforms, staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

Social Impact

Address social issues and improve public services, using data-driven solutions

Rubithon Themes

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