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Foresight Action: Demand Sensing Controls!

Predict the future, optimize inventory, and maximize profits with real-time demand insights.


  • Implement Demand Sensing: Enhance forecast accuracy for FMCG operations.
  • Optimize Operations: Minimize costs and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Strategic Decision-making: Utilize data-driven insights for resilience and competitive marketing alignment.


  • Statistical Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Visualization.



  • To aid the FMCG companies to reduce stockouts and excess inventory with enhanced predictive capabilities.
  • Optimize manufacturing resources by aligning production with real-time demand signals.
  • Quickly adapt to market changes through actionable insights, fostering operational flexibility.

Future Pricing: Predicting Profitability

Stay ahead of market shifts, optimize margins, and secure success with accurate price forecasting.


  • To predict raw material needs for optimized supply chain and production planning
  • To forecast, plan and schedule production, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.


  • Statistical Analysis​, Time Series Forecasting, Visualization.


  • Reduced inventory costs through accurate raw material predictions.
  • Avoided production delays, minimizing associated expenses.
  • Improved coordination between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

See-Through Repairs: AI Detects Damage

Pinpoint defects faster, save costs, and optimize production with intelligent damage detection.


  • To identify and classify damages such as scratches, dents or cracks in vehicles.
  • To allow early identification of damages and timely maintenance interventions.
  • To enable automated and accurate inspections for insurance claims.


  • Image augmentation, Image processing, Image classification, Object detection, Visualization.


  • Accelerated claims processing, reducing delays and administrative burden.
  • Reduced post-purchase repair costs, to enhance ownership experience.
  • Enhanced brand image, to attract and retain customers.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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