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Delight Purchase: Mastering Sales & Service

Exceed expectations, build loyalty, and fuel repeat business with exceptional after-sales support.


  • To represent the root cause of failures.
  • To determine the time for first failure of an equipment part and forecast number of future breakdown calls for that part.
  • To identify interdependency of part failures.


  • Statistical Analysis, Root cause Analysis, Reliability Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Visualization.


  • Based on root causes of failure, location/manufacturer wise strategies can be planned to avoid early failure.
  • Reduction in number of breakdown calls and associated cost.
  • Early warning breakdown calls helps in taking preemptive measures.
  • Identified sequence of patterns for failure of parts, helps in preventive actions.

Flawless Vision: AI Secures Optical Quality

Precision meets speed with AI-powered inspection, ensuring superior optics in every product.


  • To ensure manufacturing precision and reliability.
  • To quickly identify cracks, porosities, or surface imperfections on the cylinder head using computer vision.
  • To separate defective cylinder heads from those meeting quality standards based on computer vision results.


  • Image augmentation, Image classification, Object detection, Computer vision, Deep learning, Surface Defect Analysis.


  • Early defect identification and process optimization contribute to lower production costs.
  • Predictive maintenance based on data science models minimizes downtime and prevents unexpected failures.
  • Automation reduces manual effort, leading to quicker inspections and improved production efficiency.

See-Through Repairs: AI Detects Damage

Pinpoint defects faster, save costs, and optimize production with intelligent damage detection.


  • To identify and classify damages such as scratches, dents or cracks in vehicles.
  • To allow early identification of damages and timely maintenance interventions.
  • To enable automated and accurate inspections for insurance claims.


  • Image augmentation, Image processing, Image classification, Object detection, Visualization.


  • Accelerated claims processing, reducing delays and administrative burden.
  • Reduced post-purchase repair costs, to enhance ownership experience.
  • Enhanced brand image, to attract and retain customers.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty.

No Downtime: Predict Perfect Maintenance

AI foresees future breakdowns, preventing downtime and optimizing equipment lifespan.


  • To predict the status of the water pump at any given time.
  • To forecast the status of the machine beforehand.


  • Statistical Analysis, SMOTE, Predictive Maintenance Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Long short-term memory networks (LSTM), Visualization.


  • Breakdown of water pumps are very expensive and could be fatal ​.
  • Pumps can be stooped in advance to avoid breakdown. ​

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