Quality team is responsible for promoting a quality culture throughout the unit. By tapping into the data and leveraging analytics, businesses can uncover hidden insights that help in ensuring higher quality production and improved product acceptance in key markets.


  • Number of complaints over a period of time
  • Depicts the first hand perspective of how your customers feel
  • Boost in customer communication
  • Average Rating Score
  • Gives you a clear view of the quality of customer support you are providing
  • Focus on increasing the rating score
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) tells you how many defective components are considered acceptable
  • Essential sampling method used in quality control
  • Identify thresholds and minimize the low quality productions
  • Cost of Poor Quality by Levels
  • Understand the opportunities to improve the quality by reducing internal and external failure costs
  • Reduce the risks of competitiveness
  • Right First Time over a period of time
  • Increased efficiency in the production process
  • Minimizes losses caused due to rework


  • Staff engagement
  • Patient experience by wait time
  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Identify the average time a patient needs to get admitted
  • Time taken to get see a doctor
  • Average time to get a treatment
  • Distribution of Treatment Cost by Age Group
  • Identify the maximum cost and the corresponding age group
  • Cost optimization techniques can be applied to reduce the treatment costs
  • Average Nurse to Patient Ratio
  • Nurse to Patient Ratio by Departments
  • Staff count can be increased for a better patient experience
  • Average Waiting Time by Division
  • Predictive data can reduce emergency room wait times
  • Division capacity can be increased to accordingly to reduce the waiting time

Recommendation Engine

  • Measure how many of the actual positive instances we were able to correctly predict
  • Accuracy of the model
  • Shows the actual and predicted labels from a classification problem
  • How accurately The engine classifies the data
  • Best performing model
  • Factors affecting the accuracy
  • Ranks the list of items based on their relevance in a particular task
  • Quality of ranked search results over a set of typical search queries
  • Determines the best model by rank
  • Ratio of users for which the correct choices is included in the recommendation list of length
  • High Accuracy implies high chances of correct recommendation
  • Hit rate may be measured for the whole sales force or by sales region
  • Ratio of correct answer to all answer
  • Measures the accuracy of recommendations
  • Regions to be optimised

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