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  • Defect Rate by Supplier
  • Analysis of the Defect Type and Defect Rate will offer actionable insights about a supplier’s trustworthiness
  • Lead to important business decisions
  • Lead Time in Days
  • Measure the amount of time between when a supplier receives an order and the time when the order is shipped
  • Lead time also confirms vendor availability
  • Purchase Order Cycle Time in Hours
  • Measure in hours or days from the time a purchase requisition is submitted to the time when it is transmitted to a vendor
  • Avoid overspend on wasted purchases or lacking in urgency to stock products
  • Compliance Rate by Year
  • Analyse the company’s risk management strategy
  • Establish programs to consistently and accurately govern the compliance policies over time
  • The amount of spend managed by procurement out of total company spend
  • Identify sourcing potential and opportunities for savings
  • Enhances business profitability, reduces cash leakage and minimizes supplier risk

Price Optimization

  • Satisfied customer
  • Retention of customers
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Things to implement for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Popularity of the product or services
  • Growth of organisation over time
  • Repeat business
  • Customer acquisition rate
  • Need of Customer
  • Better decision process
  • Improvement required region
  • Regions where accuracy is achieved
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Year on year growth of Revenue
  • Return on investment
  • Determining profitability of an expenditure
  • Understanding how well your business is doing
  • Areas of improvement to achieve the required goal

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