Returns that keep giving
Industry Challenge

The banking sector heavily relies on AI and automation to analyze humongous amount of data in order to make the customer experience seamless, facilitate internal processes and functioning, and optimize risk-return proportion. AI provides the means to derive feasible and actionable insights.

Business Need

With increasing competition, banks must find new ways to retain the customer’s faith. AI empowers banks to better understand their customers and deliver a more personalized, secure, comfortable, and faster banking experience.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape provides AI-enabled solution for delivering the perfect banking experience by developing a customer convenience infrastructure – chatbots, mobile apps, automated internal processes, etc.

Security every step of the way

Fraud Detection

Deploy AI/ML algorithms such to detect fraud and phishing activities on the banking portals.

Predict and Prevent Churn

Predict and analyze customer churn rate using efficient ML-based predictive models and take the necessary preventive actions.

Audit and Leakages

Make your Audits smart by utilizing advanced ML technology for better compliance and reduced leakages.

Credit Risk Analysis

Deploy credit risk modeling to identify and flag clients who fail to meet mandatory obligations like mortgages, debts, and loans.

AI-driven Chatbots

Improve productivity and reduce workforce requirements by using AI-chatbots to cater to customer needs.


Implement a centralized and remote e-surveillance system for customer and asset verification using visual techniques.

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