The new gold
Industry Challenge

Text mining uses machine learning, statistics, and linguistics to transform unstructured text into a structured format and identify meaningful patterns and new insights. Natural language processing (NLP) uses various techniques to format data and apply text mining algorithms to derive insights. Text mining is essential in areas where customer sentiment is paramount for planning product or service operations.

Business Need

Text mining enhances quantitative insights. Data visualization techniques then communicate findings to a broader population. It provides insights into customer and user behavior, analyzes trends in social media and e-commerce, and finds root causes of problems.

Advantage Rubiscape

RubiText helps find trends to make better decisions by comprehending the real-time data to reveal hidden patterns, trends, and relationships between different pieces of content.

Leave nothing valuable behind

Customer Service

Text mining and sentiment analysis help prioritize key pain points for customers, allowing businesses to respond to urgent issues in real-time and increase customer satisfaction.

Risk Management

Text mining provides insights into industry trends and financial markets by monitoring shifts in consumer sentiment, particularly valuable in BFSI and investments.


Text mining automates decision-making by revealing patterns that correlate the operation and functionality of products and machinery with maintenance procedures.


Text mining helps medical researchers in clustering information. It automates relevant information extraction from medical literature.

Spam Filtering

Text mining filters and excludes spam e-mails from inboxes, improving the overall user experience and minimizing cyber risks for the end-users.

Analyzing Product Reviews

Text mining helps keep track of popular reviews about your product value or its shortcomings. It performs this task automatically and provides high-quality results.

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