Connecting every dot
Industry Challenge

The telecom industry connects billions globally every day and generates a massive amount of data every second; consequently, the global telecom IoT & data science market is growing rapidly. To understand customer behavior better, minimize customer churn, optimize networks, and prevent fraud, the technologies such as AI, ML, and data analytics are becoming essential to the telecom sector.

Business Need

The telecom industry is primarily a digital domain. Its infrastructure is digital and software-driven and is undergoing digital transformation in its customer service and back-office operations as well.

Advantage Rubiscape

Telecom players operate with widespread networks and infrastructure with massive data exchanges, making it necessary to process and analyze data with the help of ML algorithms, methodologies, and tools.

Close the loop

Churn Prevention

Telecom providers use AI models to respond rapidly and appropriately to negative network sentiments that cause churn and to changes in usage patterns for offering personalized services to high-end consumers.

Service Quality Assurance

Telecom service quality lies on customer’s responses to service quality surveys, and they are typically used to improve network performance management and ensure high-level customer service.

Passive Infra Monitoring

A Remote Tower Management System equips telecom operators with the framework to remotely monitor, manage, control, and protect their telecom towers, increasing efficiency by controlling overheads and revenue loss.

Lifetime Value Prediction

Utilize technologies such as AI and ML to analyze the data generated and predict CLV accurately. Predicting CLV accurately is essential for maximizing a company's revenues.

Customer Sentiment

Understanding and analyzing the popularity, sentiments, opinion, and dissatisfaction about the services provided by the telecom operator help translate data into actionable insights.

Price Optimization

The telecom industry enjoys the benefits as well as challenges of price optimization. It should align with the brand's interests, increasing its presence across customer bases and customer aspirations.

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