Supply Chain

Supply Chain Analytics provide insights on customer behavior as well as the performance of products and sales channels. This helps to prevent stock out, overstocking, speed up the process of order fulfilment, maximize sales and profit, and increase customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain

  • Measure the difference between your records of warehouse stock and real-life inventory
  • Prevent stockouts, shortages, shrinkage
  • Control inventory quality. Maintain a positive customer experience
  • Keep a track on your delivery status for better customer experience
  • Identify the reason and minimize late deliveries
  • Improves sustainability
  • Measure how many orders you ship without incidents like damaged goods, inaccurate orders or late shipments
  • Implement order prioritization procedures based on delivery date for a better Perfect Order Rate
  • Add Quality Check practices to multiple order fulfilment processes
  • Measure the amount of inventory at a given time/year-wise compared to the number of sales orders it’s fulfilling
  • Adjust your stocks to maintain high margin
  • Improves efficiency and profits and provides a competitive advantage
  • Calculate the average delivery time based on the distance to be covered
  • Predict a more accurate delivery time to gain customer satisfaction
  • Helps optimize your business processes and make better decisions

Digital & E-Com

  • Top Articles by Sold Items
  • Increase customer experience by identifying the top sold items and stocking accordingly
  • Avoid unnecessary costs by managing inventory based on least and most sold articles
  • Analyse the Customer Retention over a period of time
  • Identify the reasons for churn and avoid customer loss and maximize customer potential
  • Build better customer relationships and improve marketing strategies
  • Track the most frequent return reasons
  • Know the cost of returns and the impact on your business
  • Improve operational workflows and reduce the return rates
  • Number of Total Orders by Time Period
  • Average Orders per Customer
  • Improve the marketing and offers to receive more orders
  • Average Price & Units per Transaction by time period
  • Understand the customer purchase behaviour
  • Predict and Increase sales by pattern analysis

Business Forecasting

  • Reduced Error
  • Provides necessary feedbacks to improve the accuracy
  • Refines forecasting processes leading to improved overall forecasting accuracy
  • How accurately future events can be predicted
  • What factors to be considered next time While forecasting
  • What are the factors that affects the most to business
  • How demand is varying with Price
  • Helps in understanding Habits of consumer
  • Determining purchasing trends and improvement areas to meet expectation of customer
  • Describes the difference between Predicted value and actual value
  • Accuracy of the predictions
  • Lower Error represents higher accuracy
  • Tracking Order fills
  • Total order fills by time period and by product/service
  • Areas of improvement to achieve the Goal

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