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Rubithings is an IoT ACCELERATOR

Rubithings provides connected intelligence for inter-networking physical devices, vehicles, buildings, machines, electronics, software, and sensors with the Internet of Things (IoT) machine-to-machine applications.

Why Rubithings?

Enrich the Data Experience with Rubithings

RubiThings offers fast, easy-to-enable modeling and data analysis from various devices, appliances, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and applications.

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Seamless IOT Analytics

Enrich the Data Experience by Inter-networking of Devices, Sensors and Applications. Connect, Acquire, Monitor and take action based on data right from the source. Get actual raw data values and eliminate errors and noise, run ML at the EDGE in real-time.

  • Device Registration and Management
  • Data Management including defining data storage
  • Grouping mechanism by location, custom tags etc for hierarchy definition
  • Network hierarchy diagram, live data visualisation, data communication statistics
  • Custom functionality integration for special processing. ML model integration
  • Business rule definition along with alerting mechanism via multiple notification channels
  • Pre-built seamless connectivity with Rubiscape analytics platform

Rubithings is...

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