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Build EFFORTLESS Analytical Models

Rubistudio is a no-code Low-code Drag-and-drop visual model builder where one can build, train-test-deploy, and publish selected models. Reuse them whenever required.

Why Rubistudio?

Enhance Productivity and Build Effortless Data Models

Rubistudio helps in building Machine Learning or Deep Learning models with ease and speed, managing the volume and complexity of your Data. With Rubistudio, you can Maintain multiple model versions, Integrate Python & R based models and custom coding.

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Data Modelling

With Rubistudio you can build, evaluate, deploy and publish seamless data models and reuse as needed.

  • Data Exploration
  • Statistical Analysis & Hypothesis Testing
  • Data Pre-processing
  • Data Wrangling
  • Model Development & Life cycle
  • Model Engineering
  • Model Training
  • Model Experimentation
  • Model Monitoring
  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Anomaly Detection

Rubistudio is...

Solutions built with RubiStudio

Tiny Object Detection

RubiStudio was used to ingest a satellite imaging data for object
detection to track and trigger an alert on tracked object activity.

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