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RubiFlow is a best-in-class visual data-flow designer and orchestrator with drag-and-drop capabilities for data wrangling, blending, and analytics processes. RubiFlow brings in simplicity and self-service capability for data enrichment and pipeline management.

Why Rubiflow?

Modernize your Data Flows with all-in-one Data Science Platform

Easily build pipelines in just a few clicks with RubiFlow’s drag-and-drop User Interface. Hassle-free Management, Monitoring, and Maintenance Create, roll back, monitor, and manage data pipelines easily with RubiFlow in a single canvas.

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Build Data to Action

RubiFlow helps enterprises build their ‘data to action’ pipelines; for hassle-free management, monitoring, and maintenance of their big and small data

  • One platform with drag-and-drop
  • Self-service, low-code, pro-code
  • 100+ pre-built connectors
  • Batch and real-time data work-loads
  • Troubleshoot with clicks, not code
  • Built-in DataOps and MLOps tools
  • Integrated Data Flows Designs
  • Data Fabric Design
  • Data Cataloging
  • Data Transformation
  • Pipeline Management
  • Data Orchestration

Rubiflow is...

Solutions built with RubiFlow

Audio Analytics

Rubiscape, audio to text analyser is build using RubiFlow to Connect the audio data automate
the workflows to convert audio to speech-to-text-to-topic to present the results

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