Risk Profiling

With advancement in technology, organizations build more techniques to identify risks. Using various machine learning techniques businesses and financial services are able to build Risk profiling models and hence identify the likelihood of a customer being at a risk.

Risk Profiling

  • Variation in sales
  • Describes efficiency of the team
  • Factors that reduces the pull through rate
  • Efficiency of lending team
  • Describes number of days required to close and fund a loan after written decision
  • Describes the communication between loan officer and borrower
  • Simplicity and smoothness
  • Shows the number of Approval out of total application
  • Speed in the decision making
  • Lowers acquisition cost
  • Consistent decision
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Year on year growth of Revenue
  • Return on investment
  • Load abandoned after approval
  • Describes how much communication gap is there
  • Efficiency of application review process

Financial Services

  • Measure the ability of your organization to meet short-term financial duties
  • Indicates your companies liquidity
  • Helps you understand the solvency of your business
  • Measures how much profit you make before expenses
  • Determine the reasons why the gross profit changes from period to period
  • See how effectively you are using resources to make and sell products or services
  • Net Burn by Time Period
  • Track the rate at which the company is losing money
  • Determine the reasons to minimize the net burn in order to increase profitability
  • Net Profit by Time Period
  • Measure how effective your business is at generating profit
  • Make long-term and short-term financial decisions
  • Revenue by Year
  • Track the year to year changes in revenue and identify the reasons
  • Improve business techniques to increase revenue

IT Compliance

  • View the status and availability of the servers by referring to the uptime and downtime
  • Improve performance by identifying the downtime reason
  • Poor server availability can have a negative impact on the company
  • Calculate the cost bearing due to breakdown in the systems
  • Categorize the system to know where frequent breakdowns occur
  • Optimize the cost by predicting breakdown behaviours
  • Keep a track of the tickets logged, number of tickets solved and number of tickets unsolved
  • Improve operations for a better business flow
  • Reduce the ticket count by identifying the root cause
  • Measure the ROI generated of the IT Department
  • See the trend over a period of time
  • Identify reasons for change in ROI and take business decisions to improve revenue
  • Compare the Revenue generated by the IT expenditure over a period of time

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