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  • Total spend on marketing by time period
  • Viewing marketing as a growth center instead of a cost center
  • Improving understanding of each department’s organizations goal
  • Identify the cost of acquisition of a customer
  • Estimate of how much your new customers are costing you
  • Measure the revenue impact of a marketing campaign
  • Track the different sources of lead generation
  • Identify the most effective source and plan campaigns accordingly
  • Optimize your most profitable sources
  • Find out the Return on Investment on the marketing spend
  • See how different sources affects the ROI
  • Justify marketing spend and budget allocation for ongoing and future campaigns
  • Recognize leads that has a high probability of turning into a customer
  • Figure out what should be the right amount of bid for various segments of paid traffic
  • Qualified leads saves both time and resources

Upselling and Cross-Selling

  • How good the product or service is
  • Regions of improvements
  • Better sales conversion
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales by time period
  • Growth with time
  • Emerging trends
  • Strategies for customer acquisition
  • Factor contributing and affecting to product or service
  • How good is the products or services
  • Improvements to be made
  • Determining techniques working best for sells
  • Predicting future sales
  • Determining the popularity of a product
  • Uncovering new market opportunities
  • Strategies to increase sales
  • Sales growth with time
  • Sales growth with product
  • Determines the ability to generate the revenue
  • Areas of improvement to achieve the required goal

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