Recommendation Engine

Recommendation system is a software which analyzes the available data and give suggestions in which, the user might be interested in. Recommendation system uses various AI-Ml Algorithm to find patterns based on available data and recommend a product or service.

Recommendation Engine

  • Measure how many of the actual positive instances we were able to correctly predict
  • Accuracy of the model
  • Shows the actual and predicted labels from a classification problem
  • How accurately The engine classifies the data
  • Best performing model
  • Factors affecting the accuracy
  • Ranks the list of items based on their relevance in a particular task
  • Quality of ranked search results over a set of typical search queries
  • Determines the best model by rank
  • Ratio of users for which the correct choices is included in the recommendation list of length
  • High Accuracy implies high chances of correct recommendation
  • Hit rate may be measured for the whole sales force or by sales region
  • Ratio of correct answer to all answer
  • Measures the accuracy of recommendations
  • Regions to be optimised


  • See how your brand influences your target audience
  • Total number of unique users who have seen your piece of content
  • Identify the number of users who might see the content during a period
  • Number of new followers on your platform within a period
  • Total number of subscribers you attract
  • Find out about your growth rate and if your community is growing or stagnant
  • See how well your content resonates with your target audience
  • Number of times a content has been shared on various platforms
  • Number of likes, comments, replies received
  • Measure the effectiveness of your web visits
  • Number of times users visit your platform
  • Average length of time a user spends and number of pages visited during one session
  • Combined traffic from all social media channels within a period
  • Origin of your platform traffic
  • Category of the traffic source


  • Defect Rate by Supplier
  • Analysis of the Defect Type and Defect Rate will offer actionable insights about a supplier’s trustworthiness
  • Lead to important business decisions
  • Lead Time in Days
  • Measure the amount of time between when a supplier receives an order and the time when the order is shipped
  • Lead time also confirms vendor availability
  • Purchase Order Cycle Time in Hours
  • Measure in hours or days from the time a purchase requisition is submitted to the time when it is transmitted to a vendor
  • Avoid overspend on wasted purchases or lacking in urgency to stock products
  • Compliance Rate by Year
  • Analyse the company’s risk management strategy
  • Establish programs to consistently and accurately govern the compliance policies over time
  • The amount of spend managed by procurement out of total company spend
  • Identify sourcing potential and opportunities for savings
  • Enhances business profitability, reduces cash leakage and minimizes supplier risk

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