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HR & People

  • Part-time vs Full-time Employees over a period of time
  • Observe the changes in employment trend
  • Average Time to fill by Departments
  • Identify which department fills at the soonest
  • Enhance the operations for a faster process
  • Average cost of Hiring by Seniority Level
  • Make more strategic decisions when investing in your recruitment efforts
  • Helps in assessing for income tax or any such government liabilities
  • Notices in the First Year by Age Group
  • Observe the behaviour based on age
  • Identify reasons and work upon employee satisfaction
  • Average Overtime by Age Group
  • Identify reasons and avoid excess overtime that may lead to quality problems on the job
  • Introduce more workforce for a more productive workspace

Cognitive RPA

  • Factors contributing to error
  • Accuracy rate
  • Areas of improvements
  • Tracking how fast the process of automation happens
  • Time Consumption
  • Cost Reduction
  • Overall Accuracy rate
  • Regions that need to be improved
  • Regions that need to be improved
  • Growth of RPA as per industry, services & softwares.
  • Year on year growth of RPA
  • Total revenue by time period
  • Determining profitability of an expenditure
  • Understanding how well your business is doing
  • Areas of improvement to achieve the required goal

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