Channels for success

Industry Challenge

The media industry has a tremendous growth rate, making it a popular sector for data generation, through various streaming channels, content design, planning, production, bundling, or distribution. Data analytics aids this sector by ideating campaigns for better targeting and catering to audience interests leading to optimization of costs.

Business Need

Social media channels use media, entertainment, journalism, and various business domains to collect and spread information. This phenomenon leads to opportunities for pattern recognition for critical challenges, trends, influences, and market dynamics that help in decision-making.

Advantage Rubiscape

Media is commonly used for business development efforts, increasing importance of job roles such as Web Analysts, AI-ML engineers, Digital Marketing specialists, Social Media analysts, etc.

Amplify your outreach

Product Innovation

ML promotes white space opportunities in new concept generation converting ideas into reality. Equally, the AI-led techniques and predictive analytics studies the consumer demand and forecasts a product’s path to success.

Advertisement Revenue

ML-powered technology uses deep learning techniques to analyze massive amounts of the viewer and consumer data to predict specific ads an individual is likely to click and read.

Brand Health

Use Text Mining to understand the sentiment about your brand through conversations and discussions and identify the influencers of your brand.

Identity Influencers

Discover genuine identity influencers through text mining techniques and capitalize their credibility to connect with your audiences.

Recommendation Engines

Perform a study of user surfing history and user behaviors (based on age group or demography) to help media executives gather ideas about the content to be recommended.

Object Identification

AI-based techniques catering to computer vision allow the user to locate, identify, count, and track any object.

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