Key Capabilities

Rubiscape is a versatile and unified Data Science Platform with integrated tools for Visual ML-Ops, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, IOT Accelerator, and a Compute Engine. The platform is fast, flexible, secure and scalable with a user-centric design and open architecture for a revolutionary data science experience which can result in 3x faster data pipelines and a 5x lower total cost of ownership.

Automated Machine Learning

AutoML is a rapidly growing subfield of Data Science that simplifies the process of building and using machine learning models for real-world problems. It does this by automating the selection and tuning of models, reducing the need for specialized knowledge and expertise. This makes it more accessible for non-experts and allows data scientists to focus on more complex tasks. AutoML can also decrease the time and resources required to build machine learning models, making it an effective tool for businesses and organizations.

Pro-code Notebook

Notebooks are a powerful tool for creating executable documents that combine text, code, and output in a flexible and interactive way. They consist of cells that can contain any combination of Markdown, code, and output, which can be arranged in any order. The integration of notebooks into the Rubiscape environment allows users to make the most of this tool and create innovative, useful, and scalable codes.

Metadata Management

Metadata management is the process of agreeing on how to describe and classify data within an organization in order to turn it into a valuable enterprise asset. With the increasing volume and complexity of data, effective metadata management becomes even more important to extract business value. A well-designed metadata management strategy ensures that an organization's data is of high quality, consistent, and accurate across all systems.

Data Exploration

Data exploration refers to the initial stage of data analysis where one examines a large dataset in an unstructured manner to discover patterns, characteristics, and key insights. This process can involve a combination of manual techniques and automated tools such as data visualization, charts, and preliminary reports. Data exploration can save time and yield more valuable and actionable insights, as well as providing clear direction for further analysis.

Industry Agnostic

Rubiscape offers an industry-agnostic data platform, which is designed to be flexible and adaptable to various industries. As data science continues to evolve, it has proven to be an effective tool in solving real-world problems, making it a valuable asset for organizations across different industries. The adoption of data science has been on the rise, and it is being leveraged to power more intelligent and better-informed decision-making.

Data Preparation

Data preparation is the process of cleaning, transforming, and organizing raw data for processing and analysis. This includes reformatting, correcting, and combining data to create relevant and contextual information. It is a complex but crucial step to ensure accurate and insightful results, as a lack of proper data preparation can lead to bias and inaccurate analysis.

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