The Power of Pervasive
Industry Challenge

To surpass competition, enterprises need to incorporate IoT data strategy as a core component in organizational data strategy. A vertical organizational change is necessary that involves a fusion of technology, people, and processes. Device-enablement platforms, business applications, data connectivity, etc. are witnessing promising growth in the IoT domain.

Business Need

The industrial IoT extends the telematics benefits to companies that use wireless technology and the internet to connect broader commodities.

Advantage Rubiscape

RubiConnect allows businesses to leverage IoT and all other data sources to scale up AI efforts. This increases its accessibility to a broader population, facilitates ML model designing, and provides a centralized governable environment.

Everything that’s ever been needed


Wearables are the mascots of IoT technology enablement since they are one of the earliest industries to deploy IoT as a service.

Smart home Applications

Intelligent homes integrate IoT services and cloud computing to create a network of intelligent things and deliver an enhanced home experience.


IoT creates proactive healthcare systems through analytics of real-time data. It improves the precision and efficiency of present-day devices.

Smart Cities

Governments use IoT to analyze city/town planning parameters for water management, waste control, and disaster management.


Agri-IoT devices gather information about soil moisture, seed quality, livestock, fences, vehicles, and weather and use real-data analysis to deliver actionable insights.

Industrial Automation

IoT helps in product re-engineering and packaging to economize cost and improve customer experience. It’s a game-changer in Inventory Management, Safety and Security, and Quality Control.

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