Protection from the
Industry Challenge

Big Data investments in insurance shall continue to open new business ventures for Insurers, Brokers, Specialists, and all other stakeholders over the next decade. The insurance companies use Big Data & Data Science techniques to improve marketing, underwriting and fasten the claim processes.

Business Need

The insurance sector is heavily data-driven. The competition is tough since every player is sitting on a data goldmine. Most insurance companies are working endlessly on insurance data analytics mechanisms for prediction optimization using big data reports.

Advantage Rubiscape

AI-powered data-driven predictions make the payment of premiums, risk and compliances, claim settlements, financial planning, and underwriting extremely hassle-free and faster.

Securing your today and tomorrow

Conversion Modeling

Automatically build accurate conversion models while delivering precise quotations turning into a policy purchase.

Risk Scoring & Claims Processing

AI empowers the insurer to manage risk scoring and claims settlement process faster, more accessible, and error-free.

Pricing & Product Optimization

Data analytics optimizes the insurance cost, and pricing suggests new insurance products based on real-time data.

Optimizing User Experience

Utilize AI -ML models to enhance decision-making and productivity, reduce costs, and optimize the customer experience.


ML-led technology and telematics radically improve the claim management process by increased validation of claims and faster processing while ensuring safety.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Insurance companies use behavioral intelligence and predictive analytics to study customer behavior, enabling abnormal behavior detection and identifying risks and frauds.

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