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  • Revenue Growth over a period of Time
  • Decisions on improvement of the overall revenue earnings
  • Set revenue growth targets and review for a specific period
  • Measures how much profit you make before expenses
  • Determine the reasons why the gross profit changes from period to period
  • See how effectively you are using resources to make and sell products or services
  • Performance of managing various activities and responsibilities within a system
  • Helps to have an aspired level of quality within the company
  • Identify quality issues, eliminate unnecessary activities and close gaps in performance
  • Discover the likelihood that a person will recommend your business to others
  • Shows the company’s reputation and market position
  • Lead to important business decisions
  • Employee Satisfaction by certain areas
  • Identify areas where the focus should be put more
  • Improving the metrics helps companies motivate the staff which can lead to improved performance and increase in sales

Predictive analytics

  • Accuracy of the prediction
  • Factors to be considered For predictive analytics
  • Improvements needed to be implemented for higher Accuracy
  • Determining possible number of frauds
  • How likely to fraud happen
  • Detects new and evolving fraud attacks
  • Areas which more likely have fraud incidents
  • How demand varies with Time, Money
  • Needs of customer
  • Improvements to be implemented to Fulfil the customer demands
  • How a customer has contributed
  • Forecast profitability
  • Determining the region of improvement for growth
  • Customer Acquisition budget
  • How fast orders of customer are processed
  • Measures that can be taken for faster processing the orders
  • Factors that delay the order cycle time

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