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Industry Challenge

Healthcare has been at the forefront of digitization. Therefore, we are witnessing a gradual yet tectonic transformation in the way healthcare is consumed and delivered. Data science, AI, ML, etc., can improve diagnostic accuracy, predict patient conditions in advance, provide deep insights for service improvement. The healthcare industry is set to benefit highly through the use of such progressive technologies.

Business Need

With the backing of data science, modern equipment is pushing the boundaries of healthcare as a service. Now, various diseases can be detected at an early stage, datasets of medical images can be used to detect deformities accurately, patients can be monitored remotely, and much more.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape delivers the superpowers of data science to the healthcare industry for improving diagnosis and treatment. We help create a technological infrastructure that collects, processes, and makes sense of data.

Breakthroughs in science and tech

Clinical Decision Support

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your healthcare service using AI-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS).

Patient Health Monitoring

Prevent health deterioration through preemptive patient interactions based on real-time health monitoring.

Medical Imaging

Refine diagnostic and remedial accuracy through accurate analysis of medical imagery using ML.


Improve the understanding of genomic variations by generating insights from large datasets.

Drug Discovery

Machine Intelligence is set to transform the pharmaceutical industry by discovering new drugs, modifying the line of treatment, and minimizing failures in R&D.

Providing Virtual Assistance

Increase the reach of healthcare and provide virtual assistance through internet-based interactions.

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