New frontiers
Industry Challenge

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) covers all aspects of imagery and geospatial information and services. It analyzes location images and data to survey and assess human activity and physical geography anywhere on the planet. It has the ability to collect the data on stationary and moving targets using technical and non-technical means.

Business Need

Commercial enterprises, military, automotive, agriculture, and many other sectors benefit from GEOINT. It shapes census, historical, meteorological and geological information, RSOI operations, travel, real estate, oil and gas industries, vehicular safety, plant health, and subsequently minimizes fertilizer.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape is at the forefront of location intelligence for big data, combining unprecedented geospatial and BI data volumes in one interactive experience. Rubiscape enables GPU-accelerated defense and public sector analytics for instant insights.

A solution for every need

Precision Location Data

GEOINT analyzes the precise locations of billions of mobile phone users as vehicles, ATM transaction locations, and online activities.

Remotely Sensed Information

Commercial rockets, less expensive satellites, and uncrewed aerial vehicles use GEOINT / GIS analysis of high-resolution imaging of agricultural land, natural calamities, and many more.

Processing Power

The potential of GEOINT-related data, coupled with high-power computing, facilitates large-scale crowdsourcing of imagery related to many natural and artificial phenomena.

Data Analytics

GEOINT benefits from and contributes to advances in data and predictive analytics in healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, banking, and insurance.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

GEOINT data is essential for accurately modelling real locations in gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality environments.

The Internet of Things

GEOINT will facilitate a greater understanding of the live streaming of data from every product people use.

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