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  • Total sales by time period
  • Sales by product or service
  • Sales by lead source
  • Revenue per sale
  • New vs. returning customer sales
  • Track impact on profitability.
  • Opportunity for repeat orders for a steady cash flow
  • Identify big ticket value opportunities
  • Stimulate frequent orders
  • Correlate service and quality based on customer association time
  • Top regions for customer churn by satisfaction index
  • Period trends of churn
  • Track low performing sites / services
  • Correlate time of service to customer plans
  • Verify your lead scoring or qualification process
  • Approach customers through preferred channels
  • Make sure the right people are involved throughout
  • Equip executives with the right content at the right time
  • Foster learning opportunities for your sales reps to improve the sales process and win more future deals
  • Uncover aspects of your brand that potential customers appreciate and ones they don’t
  • Fine-tune messaging, adjust campaigns, and create stronger content to highlight company strengths

Business Forecasting

  • Reduced Error
  • Provides necessary feedbacks to improve the accuracy
  • Refines forecasting processes leading to improved overall forecasting accuracy
  • How accurately future events can be predicted
  • What factors to be considered next time While forecasting
  • What are the factors that affects the most to business
  • How demand is varying with Price
  • Helps in understanding Habits of consumer
  • Determining purchasing trends
  • Improvement areas to meet expectation of customer
  • Describes the difference between Predicted value and actual value
  • Accuracy of the predictions
  • Lower Error represents higher accuracy
  • Tracking Order fills
  • Total orders fills by time period
  • Total order fills by product or service
  • Areas of improvement to achieve the Goal

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