21st century and beyond
Industry Challenge

Digital has enabled businesses to offer something better and unique than their traditional offerings and create new revenue sources. Moreover, digital technology can help optimize business models, internal operations and customer interactions while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Business Need

Digital has the potential to unlock growth and create new business opportunities that were impossible till now.
Businesses look toward digital for the promise of lower costs, increased revenue, and improved performance.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape presents traditional businesses a gamut of never before opportunities to gain a competitive edge by leveraging new tech and digital transformation.

From Insight to Foresight


Campaign Optimization

Gain maximum benefit from your marketing budget using analytical optimization that employs AI and ML algorithms to run campaigns, measure effectiveness, and reach out to the right people through the right digital platforms.


Recommendation Model

AI-based recommendation systems use consumer data from social media, websites, eCommerce portals, apps, and other channels to train ML models for accurate prediction.


Click Stream Analysis

Monitor and analyze users’ journey to and from your website using Clickstream Analysis and take the necessary steps to improve your website.



Increase your conversion rate by marketing the right products and services to the right customer and engage in meaningful interactions using Personalization.


Demand Forecasting

Predict future demand accurately by deploying ML-algorithms on market data, product specifications, and sales trends. Use the analysis to optimize inventory and plan production better.


Pricing Optimization

Gain an edge over competition with accurate pricing using optimization algorithms.

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