Turning information
into decisions
Industry Challenge

Decision Science is the collection of quantitative techniques used to inform decision-making at various levels. By focusing on decisions as the unit of analysis, it provides a unique framework for understanding multiple industrial problems and improving policies to address those problems. It aims to find insights using the decisions at hand.

Business Need

Decisioning platforms use AI to generate data-driven insights and apply them to operational decision-making. Powerful ML technology and advanced algorithms ensure accurate and rapid results.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape provides a drag-&-drop editor to create decision models, define business rules, and embed ML models wherever it makes sense. This low-code development approach brings autonomy to business users.

Timely and Precise


Military Command & Control Systems

In the most uncompromising and challenging conflict situations, which are forever diverse and complex, intelligent decision support systems are an absolute necessity.


Commercial Management Information Systems

Business intelligence helps organizations make intelligent business decisions based on a massive amount of historical data analysed by assessing arbitrations and uncertainties between decisions.


GPS Route Planning

Decision Science Support Systems help commuters find and adopt the fastest and most convenient routes. These systems efficiently monitor real-time traffic conditions to avoid congestion.


Crop Planning

The agricultural sector benefits from Decision Science Support Systems in determining the best time for all agricultural activities, from sowing to harvesting.


Clinical DSS

Clinical Decision Support Systems help in disease diagnosis and keeping track of the patient’s medical history. This facilitates the speedy recovery of even the most critical cases.


ERP dashboards

Enterprise Resource Planning dashboards use Decision Support Systems to monitor KPIs and performance indicators against defined metrics and reports and easily compare past and current data of the associates.

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