Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a process of dividing the customer based of common characteristics. It is easy for marketer to target, audience based on common characteristics. This is achieved by Adding AI to data Analytics which increases its accuracy.

Customer Segmentation

  • Total sales by time period
  • Sales by product or service
  • Sales by lead source
  • Revenue per sale
  • New vs. returning customer sales
  • Track impact on profitability.
  • Opportunity for repeat orders for a steady cash flow
  • Identify big ticket value opportunities
  • Stimulate frequent orders
  • Correlate service and quality based on customer association time
  • Top regions for customer churn by satisfaction index
  • Period trends of churn
  • Track low performing products / services
  • Correlate time of service to customer plans
  • Investment in customer retention
  • Expenditure on customer acquisition
  • Revenue generated per customer
  • Revenue generated in month
  • Determining the reinvestment for upcoming month
  • Forecasting sales in upcoming months
  • Accurate expense management


  • Staff engagement
  • Patient experience by wait time
  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Identify the average time a patient needs to get admitted
  • Time taken to get see a doctor
  • Average time to get a treatment
  • Distribution of Treatment Cost by Age Group
  • Identify the maximum cost and the corresponding age group
  • Cost optimization techniques can be applied to reduce the treatment costs
  • Average Nurse to Patient Ratio
  • Nurse to Patient Ratio by Departments
  • Staff count can be increased for a better patient experience
  • Average Waiting Time by Division
  • Predictive data can reduce emergency room wait times
  • Division capacity can be increased to accordingly to reduce the waiting time

Customer Service

  • Get an idea of how your customers feel when using your products
  • Leads to a greater customer retention
  • Improves brand reputation and a higher customer lifetime value
  • Find out the number of requests generated
  • Identify the number of calls that were answered as compared to the requests
  • Increase workforce to fulfil the services
  • Identify the percentage of customers retained over a period of time
  • This also reflects customer satisfaction, repurchase behaviour, customer engagement and emotional ties to your brand
  • Increases brand profitability
  • Average Time Taken to solve an issue
  • Improve customer experience by minimizing the time taking issues
  • Avoid customer churn due to higher wait time
  • See how many tickets are raised over certain period
  • Categorize the tickets based on medium like Calls, Emails, Chats
  • Automate business operations for a smooth experience

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