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Industry Challenge

According to a study, the use of Customer Analytics significantly improved customer retention and loyalty for 58% of the enterprises surveyed. It lets organizations provide a smooth experience for customers through automated models for reducing marketing costs, tracking customer satisfaction, and ensuring service/product quality.

Business Need

With growing diversity in product and service offerings, customers tend to move from Ownership/Capex to Subscription/Opex models in a hyper-competitive market. Acquiring, retaining, and servicing profitable customers, thus, is a tricky yet satisfying experience.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape can help enterprises in managing a comprehensive customer experience. Sales and marketing professionals can make fact-based decisions for engaging customers by offering personalized services.

All about the customer


Voice of Customers

Customers’ voice is growing by the day. To keep up with their expectations and remain competitive, data analytics helps enterprises with CX research and market analysis.


Better Customer Understanding

CRM platforms possess integrated AI and ML capabilities for analysing customer behaviour and enable brands with accurate customer understanding for better informed decisions.


Real-Time Decisioning

Analysis of real-time customer interaction data from websites and social media assists enterprises in planning and implementing effective marketing strategies for customers across industry segments.


Predictive Behaviour Analysis

AI-enabled technologies rapidly analyze large amount of data for predictive analytics and generate actionable insights in real-time, improving future customer interactions.


Personalized Recommendations

Data Analytics intelligence coupled with real-time decisioning analyses the customer intent and helps to propose personalized and relevant recommendations.


AI Chatbots

AI chatbots ensure personalized customer service, optimize the existing workforce potential, and save business costs while providing maximum convenience.

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