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Industry Challenge

Computer Vision gives computers the ability to understand the world through sight and make decisions accordingly. Used in industries like energy, manufacturing, automotive, etc., it has revolutionized risk mitigation & management and automated monitoring & security, and helped achieve operational efficiency in industrial environments.

Business Need

Computer Vision allows the automation and augmentation of human sight, creating multiple use cases. It offers many practical applications for practitioners or even someone having fun with deep learning and interested in the latest trends.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape introduces a Visual Inspection platform that addresses developmental and computing resource concerns. It enables SMEs to label, train and deploy deep learning vision models to be deployed in data centers, the cloud, and edge devices.

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Image Classification

Image classification can accurately predict the image class. Social media companies use it to identify and segregate objectionable user images.

Object Detection

Object detection uses image classification to identify a specific image class and detect and tabulate its appearance as an image or video.

Object Tracking

Object tracking follows or tracks an object once it is detected, often with images captured in sequence or real-time video feeds.

Content-based image retrieval

Content-based image retrieval uses computer vision to browse, search and retrieve images from large data stores based on the content of the images.

Medical Image Analysis

Computer-supported medical images are being used for diagnosis. It allows doctors to understand them better and make their interpretation easy.

Facial recognition applications

Facial recognition has entered various computing devices. Mobile phones use an authentication system to unlock the phone using the owner’s face.

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