Why Rubiscape

Rubiscape is a platform for managing and utilizing data in your business.

A unified platform that allows you to build custom applications that integrate and automate various business processes, using data and analytics to drive decision-making and improve efficiency.

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Who We Are

Rubiscape is a platform that offers both low-code and pro-code capabilities for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

It includes a range of tools for tasks such as data engineering, forecasting, text mining, computer vision, predictive intelligence, blockchain analytics, IoT and edge analytics, and geospatial analytics. With features like computer vision and blockchain technology, students can use Rubiscape to gain early career experience by working on real-world problems.

A Solid Foundation

Introducing the powerhouse leadership team behind the success of Rubiscape. These seasoned professionals have a wealth of experience from top companies such as Amazon, American Express, Ancestry.com, eBay, Endeca, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MLB.com, Omniture, Salesforce, and SAP. Their hard work and dedication make Rubiscape a reality, day after day.

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We the Rubians

Ready to join the ranks of the Rubians? We've created a whole new term for our fresh, innovative team, and we'd love to have you aboard. Head on over to our careers page and take the first step towards joining us. Get ready to make your mark and become a key player in our dynamic crew!

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Turn Data into Business Value

Rubiscape is a faster, easier, and smarter way for transforming a raw idea to real-world impact.

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