Churn Prevention

Ability to predict that a particular customer is at high risk of churn while still having time represents additional potential value to the revenue. Organizations develop AI-Ml based solutions to derive suitable strategies for churn prevention.

Churn Prevention

  • Customer Leaving the product / service
  • Improvements to reduced the churn rate
  • Factors contributing to churn rate
  • Satisfaction of customer
  • Suggestions directly from customers
  • Guiding resource for the growth of company
  • Method to increase customer loyalty
  • Improving Customer experience
  • Ways to Increase sales
  • Boosts brand experience
  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer recency
  • Decisions about reinvestments
  • Customer repetition
  • Budget management


  • Customer Churn by Period
  • Identify the factors that affect customer churn
  • Improve business operations to lessen the churn
  • Subscriber Growth by Year
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Come up with plans to maximize your success
  • Average cost of adding a new subscriber to your business
  • Analyse how the acquisition cost can be reduced
  • Identify potential mediums for acquisition
  • Revenue Generated per User over a specific time period
  • Make investment decisions related to network and services
  • Increase usage of digital services amongst a certain customer group for high-definition content
  • Average Resolution Time per Customer
  • Identify the cause and minimize the customer handling time to improve customer experience
  • Less resolution time will lead to customer retention and increased revenue


  • Revenue Growth over a period of Time
  • Decisions on improvement of the overall revenue earnings
  • Set revenue growth targets and review for a specific period
  • Measures how much profit you make before expenses
  • Determine the reasons why the gross profit changes from period to period
  • See how effectively you are using resources to make and sell products or services
  • Performance of managing various activities and responsibilities within a system
  • Helps to have an aspired level of quality within the company
  • Identify quality issues, eliminate unnecessary activities and close gaps in performance
  • Discover the likelihood that a person will recommend your business to others
  • Shows the company’s reputation and market position
  • Lead to important business decisions
  • Employee Satisfaction by certain areas
  • Identify areas where the focus should be put more
  • Improving the metrics helps companies motivate the staff which can lead to improved performance and increase in sales

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