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August 23, 2021by rubiscape

Data Science – one of the fasted-growing fields around the world has taken companies across various verticals by storm. It has become an integral part of the working of many enterprises – across finance, retail, healthcare, insurance, gaming, entertainment, news, etc.

Don’t believe us? Let us take a look at some real-world applications of data science –

  1. All the search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. use data science algorithms to deliver the best results – quickly.
  2. Recommendation engines – yes, the ones that suggest you the next product to buy or the next movie to watch – are all powered by data science.
  3. Buzzfeed uses the power of data science for headline optimization
  4. Banks use data science and machine learning algorithms to make better lending decisions, serve their customers more efficiently, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Insurance companies use machine learning and predictive models to detect fraud. This helps them save time and costs in pinpointing the claims and also detect fraudulent claims.
  6. Airline companies including Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines use data science to predict flight delays, drive customer loyalty programs, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  7. Fast food chains use big data to change their menu features based on the drive-through lanes – if the line is longer, the menu shows the items that can be quickly prepared and served. When the queue is shorter, the menu features other high-margin food items
  8. MGM, one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, uses data science and data analytics tools technologies to make the gaming experience better for customers, constantly measure their performance, and make better business decisions.
  9. The voice-based-assistants on your smartphones – yes, your own Siri and Cortana – are all powered by data science.
  10. The dynamic pricing that you experience while booking an airline ticket or tickets for your favorite show is the result of number-crunching and analysis done in the background based on demand, supply, competitor pricing, etc.

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