Geared for the future
Industry Challenge

The Automotive industry is on the cusp of a major disruption with the development of smart, connected, and autonomous vehicles and the digital-led re-invention of design and manufacturing. Moreover, AI-based innovation promises to transform other checkpoints in the lifecycle of a vehicle such as Product Innovation, Inventory Optimization, Quality Assurance, Real-time Operations, Customer Engagement, Demand Forecasting, and Predictive Maintenance.

Business Need

Improving and precisely forecasting efficiency in operations and sustainability initiative are major priorities.
Thanks to predictive analytics, it is now possible.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape brings the powers of the digital world (AI-enabled digital transformation) to Automotive OEMs to help them take the driver’s seat in their business and gain a competitive edge.

Rubiscape puts you in the driver's seat

Supply Chain Analytics

Get valuable and deep insights into your procurement, processing, and distribution systems using complex AI techniques.

Demand Forecasting

Predict customer demand accurately using AI-powered predictive analytics and operationalize your supply chains and operations effectively.

Connected Cars

Make the foray into autonomous cars with Rubiscape’s industry-leading AI-solutions. Smart and connected cars are the future with environmental sustainability on everyone’s minds.

Reliability and Warranty Analysis

Accurate reliability and warranty analysis are crucial in the automotive industry. Make them simpler with data analytics.

User Behavior Analysis

User behavior analytics analyzes the user's online activity to gain insights regarding patterns of usage and identify anomalous or even malicious behavior.

Autonomous Driving

The near-complete elimination of the human element from driving practices in vehicular and transport systems employs advanced sensor technology and ensures passenger and goods safety.

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