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Supply Chain

  • Measure the difference between your records of warehouse stock and real-life inventory
  • Prevent stockouts, shortages, shrinkage
  • Control inventory quality. Maintain a positive customer experience
  • Keep a track on your delivery status for better customer experience
  • Identify the reason and minimize late deliveries
  • Improves sustainability
  • Measure how many orders you ship without incidents like damaged goods, inaccurate orders or late shipments
  • Implement order prioritization procedures based on delivery date for a better Perfect Order Rate
  • Add Quality Check practices to multiple order fulfilment processes
  • Measure the amount of inventory at a given time/year-wise compared to the number of sales orders it’s fulfilling
  • Adjust your stocks to maintain high margin
  • Improves efficiency and profits and provides a competitive advantage
  • Calculate the average delivery time based on the distance to be covered
  • Predict a more accurate delivery time to gain customer satisfaction
  • Helps optimize your business processes and make better decisions

Business Forecasting

  • Reduced Error
  • Provides necessary feedbacks to improve the accuracy
  • Refines forecasting processes leading to improved overall forecasting accuracy
  • How accurately future events can be predicted
  • What factors to be considered next time While forecasting
  • What are the factors that affects the most to business
  • How demand is varying with Price
  • Helps in understanding Habits of consumer
  • Determining purchasing trends and improvement areas to meet expectation of customer
  • Describes the difference between Predicted value and actual value
  • Accuracy of the predictions
  • Lower Error represents higher accuracy
  • Tracking Order fills
  • Total order fills by time period and by product/service
  • Areas of improvement to achieve the Goal

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