Industry Challenge

By 2030, AI alone will raise the global GDP by 14%. Also, the business value added by AI-empowered blockchain technology will increase to $3.1 trillion by 2030. Therefore, the scale of adoption and impact of AI across industries and geographies is set to increase multifold.

Business Need

New-age companies must set the foundation for their future with their capacity to leverage Enterprise AI today. As survival becomes key, companies with AI-augmented human capital will thrive.

Advantage Rubiscape

RubiAI eliminates time-consuming tasks and provides curated analysis of risks which reduces analysts’ time to take critical decisions and launch an orchestrated response for threat remediation.

Next-Gen machines


Speech Recognition

Many mobile devices add speech recognition technology into their mainframe to conduct voice searches or provide more accessibility around texting.


Customer Service

Online chatbots replace human intervention by providing professional, personalized services, changing our customer engagement vision across platforms.


Computer Vision

Powered by CNNs, computer vision is used in social media, radiology imaging in healthcare, and self-driving cars in the automotive industry.


Predictive Maintenance

Use the growing volume of available vehicle/machine data to anticipate repair needs and schedule maintenance accordingly.


Recommendation Engines

AI-powered engines are used to make appropriate add-on recommendations to e-commerce customers based on past consumption behaviour.


Automated Stock Trading

Designed to build strong stock portfolios, AI-driven trading platforms make millions of trades daily without human intervention.

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