NewsAICTE & Rubiscape collaborate to bridge skill gap with a holistic, applied data science program

August 6, 2021by rubiscape

Rubiversity, an Ed-Tech initiative by Rubiscape has collaborated with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for upskilling engineering students seeking to be data science professionals.

As a part of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), Rubiversity will offer the data science foundation program to guide the students on where to start and how to harvest data in the near future. The Data Science Foundation Program is a gateway to become a certified Data scientist and an innovator too! The Data Science Foundation Program from Rubiversity is designed to develop the students’ data science, AI-ML & Bigdata Analytics skills, broaden your data horizons and build a data-driven mindset.
Rubiversity Founder and CEO Prashant Pansare stated “ We are honoured and delightful with the AICTE association. Through this collaboration, we look forward to playing a pivotal role to accelerate research-driven idea incubation, employability, entrepreneurship development, industry linkages, and rural empowerment. The association enables us to help bridge the skill gap and help students upskill and overcome employability challenges.” he added that the program will help the learners cover foundational concepts of data science through hands-on learning of leading data science programming languages like Python, R, and a leading Data Science platform – Rubiscape
The objective of the association is to infuse data science skills and industry-relevant training to upskill students and increase employability. This aligns with Rubiversity’s mission to harness the potential power of data science aims to create an industry-ready workforce and transform areas ranging from healthcare to business to government.
Rubiscape is a multi-discipline-oriented fluid & fast platform leveraging on diverse data sources and types, across multiple industries, subject areas, and technologies. Our goal is to leverage diverse data and unleash new value from it through co-creation and continuous innovation. Rubiscape is India’s first unified data science platform and has emerged as a winner in Data Science Product Innovation at Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2021. An initiative of Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security and Telecommunication to promote and recognise innovators and their innovations, supported by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, NITI AayogSkill India Online (campaign launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi), National Informatics Centre, Government of India, State Government Partner Maharashtra State Innovation Society.
Since its inception, Rubiscape has been instrumental in setting up Data Science Centre of Excellence for businesses from varied Industry sectors as well as Govt and Academia. With a vision to become an enabler for the Gen-Z of Startups, team Rubiscape has already started causing disruption in the Data Science space.
Rubiversity – an EdTech product division of Rubiscape, is connecting aspiring students, faculty and innovators with an AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud creating a unified learning experience.  We are proud to share with you, Rubiversity has recently won the prestigious Education Innovation Award 2020 by  Entrepreneur Media. Rubiversity will soon launch specialised courses for AICTE & NEAT.
“RubiVersity education will not be job-orientated. It will be career-oriented” The courses offered by RubiVersity aim at increasing the level of maturity right from Skill Enhancements, Learning Paths, Certification Paths, and all the way up to Career Paths
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