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AI Experts

AI Experts are the most brilliance masterminds who revolutionize the field of Artificial Intelligence. They strive to construct a data framework free of bottlenecks, accelerate AI workloads and enable smooth integration of data on the cloud.
AI experts are catalysts who integrate analytics insights into workflows and decision-making with artificial intelligence engineering. They implement standard ML algorithms such as clustering, classification and perform A/B testing, build data pipelines, and many more interesting operations. They construct, develop, test and maintain architectures such as large-scale data processing systems to boost the performance of the databases.

Our Envisioned Personas for Data Consumers

AI Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer
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Model, summarize and visualize data by handling various tasks involving data wrangling, visualization,and processing large amounts of data.

Knowledge Map

  • Big data infrastructure, machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition.
  • Application of learning algorithms to building smart robots, text understanding, computer vision, medical informatics, audio, database mining
  • Best practices in machine learning

Certification Code: RS_ML_RML

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