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Industry Challenge

The oldest occupation in the world stands to get transformed by the rise of data science. Decisions based on insights derived from data analysis promise healthier crops, better pest control, improved monitoring of soil moisture and groundwater level, and better productivity. Farmers can also benefit through improvements in a wide range of secondary agricultural tasks in the entire food supply chain.

Business Need

Farmers lack the ability to analyze crucial factors such as weather conditions, temperature, water usage or soil conditions in real-time to make better informed decisions.

Advantage Rubiscape

Rubiscape, through AI, data analytics and predictive techniques, helps farmers plan and optimize their crop rotation cycle by determining optimum crop choices, seed choices, and fertilizers.

Reap the best from what you sow

Smart Farming

The concept of smart farming fortifies the agricultural industry with the infrastructure to leverage big data, cloud computing and IoT for tracking, monitoring, automating, and analyzing farm operations.

Precision Agriculture

Crop production and management are optimized by using modern application technologies to process data obtained from multiple sources.

Produce Planning

Produce Planning empowers farmers with the insights obtained from big data analytics, helps them plan crop cycles, and automates farming operations.

Disease and Pest Management

Better disease and pest management are achieved through the AI-based study of pest and disease biology, their growth, and proliferation patterns.

Climate Change Adaptation

Data science predicts the prescribed drought-resistant crops, their diversification, cropping pattern and rotation cycles, tillage methods, thus, improving irrigation efficiency.

Agricultural Robotics

The emergence of robotics in agriculture includes field operations such as weed control, cloud seeding, planting, harvesting, weather monitoring, and soil moisture and quality analysis.

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