Rubistudio, Designer or Model Studio, is a visual model builder (Workbook) with no-code (or minimal-code), drag and drop functionality for a data scientist to build models, train-test-deploy and publish selected model. In the Studio, you can Read & Prepare data; and Create, Test, Deploy your models easily and instantly. It also enables you to develop & integrate your Python and R based models and other custom code.


With RubiStudio one can maintain multiple versions of models, as well as integrate existing Python / R based models and custom code
  • Combines data wrangling, data exploration, and visualization, feature engineering, and dimension reduction; advanced unsupervised and supervised learning techniques; with an interactive, web-based interface.
  • RubiML provides a powerful custom scripting capability in coding languages like Python, R – for analyzing extensive, complicated data and uncovering new insights faster.
  • Integrate Jupyter for advanced code coloration and completion (Python and R)


  • Data Preparation
    • Clean and enrich data interactively
    • Use integrated advanced processors - Access a rich library of built-in processors
    • Analytical data preparation – Transformations, feature engineering, sampling, missing value imputation, dimensionality reduction
  • Code Fusion
    Interactive Python, R notebooks integration and customization
  • Model Deployment, API and Integration
    Deploy to production in one click,easy to use REST API by embedding a few lines of code
  • Interactive Environment and Automation
    Manage and monitor your data pipelines along with safe versioning and rollback
  • Collaboration
    Integrated documentation and knowledge sharing
  • Highly scalable, distributed analytical processing
    Ability to scale vertically and horizontally along with autoscaling for sudden workloads.
  • Governance & Security
    Enterprise level security with data governance
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