Rubiflow is an integrated Designer that helps build and manage data flows and processes within Rubiscape, such as preparing data, Execute Models, write data, or call external APIs with a visual orchestrator. Data access engines of Rubiflow provides several quick connectors such as Databases, APIs and Files. It supports collaboration, reuse of processes, and standard metadata.


  • Clean and enrich data interactively with Visual Data Transformation Engine
  • An easy-to-use visual interface with an intuitive set of configurable windows for managing authorized processes. Drag-and-drop functionality eliminates the need for programming
  • Wizard-based access to source systems, creating target structures, import, and export metadata functions, and build/execute ETL and ELT process flows
  • Metadata tree views let you see and understand metadata
  • Audit history for designers to see which jobs or tables were changed, when and by whom
  • Ability to distribute data wrangling tasks across any functions, users and data sets
  • A visual interface for profiling data, to repair source system issues while retaining the business rules
  • Interactive testing, debugging and QA of jobs during development and full access to logs is supported


  • Integrated process designer
    Build, edit, control data management processes with a visual, end-to-end designer. Provide full support for promotion/migration of jobs in support of DEV/TEST/PROD.
  • Superior connectivity and data access
    Connectivity in batch or in near real time to additional data sources
  • Consistent metadata management
    Complete and shared metadata environment to provide consistent data definition across all data sources.
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load and transform (ELT)
    Diverse data acquisition, transformation, cleansing, and loading enable the easy creation of data warehouses, data marts, or BI and analytic data stores
  • Enhanced administration and monitoring
    Enables users to manage, monitor and control their complete integration environments, jobs, and activities
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