Data decoded,
Future decided!

Extract a real ‘Value from Data’
Learn from the Past, Master the Present,
and Predict the Future!

The Art & Science of Data.

Introducing Rubiscape… A Pioneering Data Innovation Platform. Discover a world of Data Intelligence and fuel your imagination – from Insight to Foresight!

RubiFlow is an integrated Process Designer to help users build and manage data flows with a visual, end-to-end event-based Orchestrator. Data access engines of RubiFlow provides a powerful, easy-to-use user interface that supports collaboration, reuse of processes and common metadata.

With RubiML for predictive analytics, you can create, test, deploy, and maintain your predictive models easily and instantly. RubiML offers interactive data exploration and makes it easy to build and adjust predictive models without any knowledge of coding for boosting your analytical productivity.

RubiCast is an integrated tool in Rubiscape to streamline and automate your forecasting process. With RubiCast no need to manually code your models for exploring and analyzing large volumes of time series data. RubiCast can easily and efficiently generate any number of statistics based, trustworthy forecasts.

RubiText enables you to combine power of AI, ML, NLP and linguistic rules to overcome the challenges of identifying and categorizing large volumes of textual data. It has a built-in powerful engine that simplifies Word Frequency Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Tagging/Annotation, Information Extraction, Link & Association Analysis and Predictions.

RubiSight tells the data story visually. With RubiSight users can achieve faster data visualization turnaround, flexibility for any subject area, consistent user experience, and effective collaboration across the decision process. RubiSight provides a cloud-powered visual data exploration experience that equips business users with the ability to report, analyze and act on data insights without technical skills or coding expertise.

RubiThings enriches the data experience of ‘Today’s Modern Information Rich Society’ by analysing data generated by a network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, machines, electronics, software and sensors with IoT and M2M applications.

For Everyone In The Data-Powered Society

Imagine to CREATE, connect to CONTROL, analyse to IMPROVE, and predict to GROW!

Join Rubiscape in the movement to transform the data-driven solutions landscape.

Our Story

Data is everywhere – in every connection, every conversation, every transaction.

Whether you are an individual or an institution, master ways to extract ‘value from data’- by learning from the past, mastering the present, and predicting the future.

Rubiscape vision was born from an idea…to help people connect their curiosity and experience with ‘any data’.

Data is a New Soil …. Cultivate it!

Smart Products, Industry 4 . 0, Smart City, Digital Trade, Social Media, Platform Aggregators and Digital Transformations
Big Data Processing, Hypothesis Modelling, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Rule & Recommendation Engines
Customer Experience, Accurate Forecasts, Visual Storyboards, Risk Reduction, Fraud Elimination, Competitive Differentiation

The Rubians


Prashant Pansare

Founder & CEO

Anand Pansare

Co-founder & CTO


Dr. Avinash Dharmadhikari

Ex Chief Data Scientist, Tata Motors

Dr. Jason Hughes

Digital Customer Leader, Australia

Kaustubh Konkar

Industry 4,.0 Leader, Netherlands

Seema Joshi

Associate MD, Accenture

Shreekantha Velankar

Head BI, National Stock Exchange

Abhijit Joshi

Technical Director, Ideas – SAS

We are building the future of data science.

We are a team of most curious, hard-working, and talented data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and people who are passionate about creating disruption through data.

If you seek challenges and don’t hesitate to work on something unexplored that could eventually create a significant impact,

Come… join the Rubiscape movement!

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